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03 January 2011 @ 10:22 am
The King's Speech  
We saw The King's Speech last night and it was wonderful. Extremely well acted. We really empathized with Prince Albert/King George VI. Colin Firth did an amazing job. It was also nice getting a view of Helena Bonham Carter NOT playing the strange off-the-wall characters as she seems to generally do. And it was interesting to get a glimpse into that era from the point of view of the royals. King Edward abdicating the throne, how King George felt about it and how he didn't feel he was good enough to be king because of his stammer. They go very briefly into his childhood and your heart aches for him.

This is an Oscar buzz film that is definitely worth it to go see. Sometimes the Oscar ones are so arty or so overly serious it's painful. This was a dramatic movie about a serious topic that was really well done and had some amusing moments in it too.